Introducing ‘inno-spiration’

Last week (13 August), we hosted the first in a new series of thought leadership sessions, known as ‘inno-spiration’, at our Studio in Regent’s Park.

The innovision mantra: to do great work with great people. It’s a simple sentiment, but it demands that we’re always open to the ideas, perspectives and ambitions of others – so that we can create memorable experiences, together.

Last Thursday, we  kicked off our new series of ‘inno-spiration’ talks. We welcomed three speakers with entirely different backgrounds – large-scale installation design, philanthropy and education, dance choreography – and asked them to share their own inspiring stories, valuable insights and visions for the future.

So how did it all land? True to form, we’ve asked members of our ‘inno-circle’ (sorry) to share their thoughts. See what they had to say below.

Jason Bruges, Jason Bruges Studio (@jasonbruges)

First to the floor was installation guru, Jason Bruges. Jason started by taking us through some of the amazing work him and his Studio have produced for clients ranging from WWF, to More4 and Great Ormond Street Hospital. I had absolutely no idea that projects such as the Nature Trail for Great Ormond Street Hospital could be created and it’s great to see the work have such a positive impact on people’s lives. It was an honour to have the man behind it all in our Studio, presenting such fantastic projects to us. A true ‘inno-spiration’…

 – Roxsanna Stannard, Project Coordinator

Marcus Orlovsky (@MarcusOrlovsky), Director at Bryanston Square

Last Thursday, we had the privilege of listening to three gifted speakers in our Studio, and boy did they manage to inspire each and every one of us. All three brought something individual and unique to the table; no speech was the same. Marcus was my personal favourite. He started with a simple vision: to inspire young, less fortunate children in schools around the UK. He wanted to help them see that the sky’s the limit and to educate them so that they have the ability to become who and what they truly want to be. Not only can Marcus relate to these young children/adults, he is also willing to share his own story, having been fed his share of bad luck but not allowing it get in the way of what he wanted to achieve in life. A truly inspiring and grounded individual. Marcus, I salute you!

 – Briony Wills, Operations Assistant

A highly motivational and influential afternoon and I know that my colleagues would agree – looking forward to the next one already. A talk that particularly got my attention was Marcus Orlovsky, who told us about his journey to becoming Director of Bryanston Square: a truly determined company, passionate about making a change in education for the better and motivating children to reach their full potential. A funny and informative, yet emotional, talk that was thoroughly enjoyable. If the opportunity arose to be involved I would jump at the chance to help. Thank you to everyone who spoke and really made us all think; and thank you to innovision and the Ops team for arranging this – I think a lot of us were totally taken by surprise, truly inspired and the chocolate macaroons were a bonus!

– Poppy Phythian, Project Coordinator

Ryan Jenkins, Choreographer (@RealRyanJenkins)

The moment Ryan stepped up to present, you knew it was going to be special. He is a person that radiates confidence and that was obviously prevalent in his work. As he explained the projects he’s worked on and the tasks he had to go through, I could really see how much he has gone through in order to get where they are today. His entire presentation gave me a new respect and understanding for his profession and his ability to breathe life into otherwise niche areas of the event world through dance and choreography.

 – Michael Schulz, IT Manager

Check back for more information on the ‘inno-spiration’ series and upcoming events, or follow our hashtag: #innospiration.

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