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    Work Experience & Internship Programme

    Talent never discriminates, and neither do we...

    Is the live communications industry right for me?

    At innovision, we encourage a ‘suck it and see’ approach by offering work experience placements for everyone: from school-age students looking for career inspiration, and undergraduates considering a future in the industry, through to more mature candidates hoping to cross over into live communications.

    Love live communications and want to spend more time with us?

    If this is you, then consider our highly successful Internship Programme. As part of our commitment to sustainable working practices, our ambition is to create a legacy of knowledge sharing, providing insight and developing and enhancing the knowledge, critical capabilities and strategic skills essential in the events industry.

    On average, we offer 10 paid placements on our Internship Programme each year. These typically last for up to 12 weeks, during which time we hope you will have a really good understanding of our agency, as well as meaningful and valuable work experience within the events industry.

    Want to sign up? Please contact jobs@innovision.eu for details of the application process. Even if we can’t offer you an internship, we are committed to providing a detailed overview of the industry with case studies from former innovision interns.

    Still love live events and love innovision?

    Apply for a Project Coordinator role when the next vacancy arises. Keep an eye on our Jobs page.