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The Challenge

The GREAT Festival of Creativity was a three-day showcase of British innovation, held in the Long Museum in Shanghai. It was a flagship articulation of the UK Government’s ambitious GREAT Britain Campaign, which challenges the world to think differently about Britain and emphasises the best of what Britain has to offer. A unique partnership between British Government and major private sector organisations, the challenge presented to us was to draw on the most enterprising and inspirational examples of British creativity in business and display them within an experience-led, interactive environment of multi-sector excellence.

innovision delivered extensive technical, logistical and show management expertise and created a bespoke environment to support and amplify the innovation on display. The Long Museum in Shanghai is a beautiful concrete cathedral, spanning four floors. We leaned on large, bold dual-language statements and manifestos on huge canvases; broad white backdrops with splashes of red to ensure that the contributors and content became the colour of the showcase; and angles to represent the Union flag – all visually enhanced with projection, print, 3D realisation and soundscape. We filled the space with keynote talks, seminars and workshops, interactive showcases, parties and performances. Community and business buzz was ensured with large seating areas for people to meet, chat and create an atmosphere around the spaces.


  • The GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai has magnified UK impact as a global creative force, raising unprecedented awareness of the nation’s offering in China’s fast-growing market.
  • The three-day Festival hosted over 2,700 delegates, with 500 world-leading British companies taking part and a further 600 Chinese buyers and investors joining the British contingent.
  • The Festival attracted large amounts of positive media coverage with Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) figures of nearly £30 million globally – three times the previous record for a GREAT event.
  • The @GREATFestivals Twitter Account has a community of over 1,000 followers.
  • On Weibo, the hashtag #创意英伦# (translation: #GREATFestivalofCreativity) reached 23.5 million people (4-month period).
  • The Festival is expected to provide a return on investment in excess of £150 million to the UK economy.