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We’re extremely proud of our longstanding relationship with PUMA, having worked with the global SportLifestyle brand since 2011 when we were appointed to create the best experiential-led campaign in London during the 2012 Summer Games.

With Rule 40 preventing the use of athletes in any PUMA campaign during the Olympics, an imaginative and ambitious approach to brand activation was born. PUMA Yard transformed a 479,160 square foot indoor and outdoor space in the heart of the London’s East End into a corner of Jamaica.

This was the platform to celebrate PUMA as the choice of the ‘Social Athlete’. Offering a convergence of sports, music, art and lifestyle activities, the Jamaican-themed Yard delivered a free, one-of-a-kind and unforgettable fan experience. We created a series of unique and engaging environments that spoke in the recognisable and well-loved language of the PUMA brand… with a strong Jamaican accent.

Working closely with PUMA, we developed two distinct experiential areas in line with the brand’s marketing strategy, which drew inspiration from Jamaica’s on and off-field culture, including an indoor PUMA Social Club and an outdoor BACK YARD.

Through this captivating live experience, we succeeded in driving brand fame and leveraging PUMA’s partnership with the Jamaican athletics team, and specifically its sponsorship of Usain Bolt, as well as building on the marque’s association with the much-loved island. The result was a fun, rich and memorable experience that drove awareness, credibility and desirability of the brand, as well as promoting, strengthening and commercialising its association with these Jamaican assets.

Within just a week of opening, the Jamaican-themed PUMA YARD became the most talked about venue in London and the Capital’s ultimate entertainment destination to celebrate the joy of the Games. For the duration of the 17 days and nights during the London 2012 Summer Olympics, the free ticketed event welcomed over 30,000 visitors – smashing PUMA’s target.

Quite simply, PUMA YARD was the hottest ticket in town…

The Results:

  • The Beach Bar became London’s #1 pop-up bar.
  • Fantastic global fan and following growth for PUMA, indicating high engagement and interest in the brand and the campaign beyond the experience itself.
  • 15.1 million Trend impressions (highest ever recorded for the UK).
  • 1,317 new PUMA followers on the day of the Trend (almost double the daily average).
  • Throughout the 17 days and nights, the @PUMA account followers grew from 8,700 to 14,210 followers, an astounding increase of 63%.
  • 600 Instagram images; 288,575 Facebook impressions; 99,000 new Facebook fans.
  • Engagement rates well above average at 11.6%, showing high interest in the brand and the campaign.
  • >4,000% social chatter.
  • 10,000,000 UK PR reach.