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To celebrate the return of the iconic Fiat 500 and to help reposition the brand in the UK, innovision devised a high-profile outdoor launch party at the iconic London Eye as the climax to the multi-channel “Countdown to 500” media campaign. At 8pm on 21 January – precisely 500 hours into the New Year – we launched the new Fiat 500 in an engaging and impactful reveal sequence, featuring a spectacular lighting and pyrotechnic display that drew all eyes to the car as it took flight inside a capsule of the London Eye.

The unforgettable ticket-only party, attended by a live audience of 500 VIPs and press, as well as 2,000 members of the public, was broadcast live on Virgin radio, web-streamed on MSN, and simultaneously broadcast to 170 Fiat dealerships. Overall, the event secured 341 media impressions (worth £580,493) and boasted extensive reach with over 83 million people exposed to the launch.

Live performances from headline act Mika and The Feeling added breadth of appeal and generated intense media interest, and discussions of “exactly how that Fiat 500 got into the London Eye” could be heard on radio shows for weeks following the event, generating further valuable coverage for the client.

With 8,500 Fiat 500s sold in the first month alone, the event has been hailed as Fiat’s “best launch ever”.